Take the Challenge Save the Undies

Warning: This is some SERIOUS girl talk happening below,

We all have one- a place in a dark area, tucked far, far away in the back of our closet or drawers. It’s a place in our room that just might need to come with a disclaimer or a warning label just in case anyone would feel inclined to go snooping around. You know what I’m talking about, right ladies?

Side note: If someone is snooping around, they totally deserve to find them. Ha.

That’s right, I said it- panties. It’s the undies that are brought out once a month when our favorite friend (sarcasm) pays a visit to not only us, but to our panties, too. We have all experienced a INR 500.00 pair of fancy panties that got annihilated during that time of the month. And it’s pretty annoying.

I mean, isn’t it enough that we have back cramps, front cramps, leg craps, mood swings, eating binges, cry fest’s, bloating, and a host of other period problems that I won’t go into because you ladies all know what I’m talking about? With all of that, the last thing we should have to deal with is ruining our favorite pair of cute and comfy panties, too.

So, I am on a mission, along with CLOVIA disposable period pants to save the undies so that our panties can stay cute all-month-long. What a concept.

YOU can save your undies, too! With the new CLOVIA disposable period pants that keeps unexpected, panty-destroying-leaks away as its panty fit gives total comfort of cotton like panty & 100 % leak protection also eliminate the use of cloth panty during periods with CLOVIA period pants use.

So, if you want to rid your home of the secret box hidden in the deepest corner of your closet and keep your pretty panties stain-free, join us in our mission to Save the Undies!