The First Period

We all have a First Period Story. For most of us, it has been confusing and scary. From screaming out to Mamma dear, thinking that we may die to be absolutely delighted to finally join the women’s club, we have all had varied experiences of our First Period. The more we educate ourselves about Periods, lesser dissonant will the experience be. The onus however mostly lies on parents and especially the mother or elder sister to educate her daughter on what to expect during periods.

Here is how you as an educator can help a young girl deal with her first period better:

  1. Look for signs and be prepared: Just when the first period is around the corner, the body changes. The breast grows a little bigger. Hair grows on various body parts. There would be unusual mood swings. Identify the pattern and be prepared to handle a barrage of questions and emotions.
  2. Start with the basics: Period is confusing sometimes even for a grown up woman. There is no need to overwhelm an young mind with too much of information. Explain the basics of periods – what it means to have periods and what to expect. For example, first few periods will most likely be light, and they might not be regular in the beginning.
  3. Comfort her: Celebrate her first period. Tell her this is normal and in fact is a milestone in her body. Try to make the experience positive for her. Buy her an ice-cream or take her out for a meal. Aside from the cultural rituals, spend some quality time with her to comfort her.
  4. Make a period kit: One never know when period can hit so it’s better to be prepared. Make a period kit for her that includes sanitary pads like Clovia Disposable Period Pants, and extra underwear.
  5. Teach her how to use: Explain her use of sanitary pads and teach her how to use it with help of available videos online. Pads like Clovia Period Pants are mostly easy to use as one need to wear it like underwear.