Menstrual Irregularities are annoying? Here’s how you can deal with it

A normal menstrual cycle ranges from 25 to 31 days but some women experience irregularities in menstrual cycle. If you are worried for irregular periods remember, you are not alone almost 14 to 25% of women experience irregular periods. This means the cycles are shorter or longer than usual. Irregularities also come along with some physical problems like abdominal cramps. But, they come for a reason and can be solved as well. The best way is to treat irregular periods is by meeting your gynecologist. However there are some home remedies to treat irregularities in menstrual cycle.

Know the cause before you treat. Here are some of the causes of Irregular Periods:

1.) Stress or Eating disorders

2.) Medications, anti-biotics or medicines taken to treat epilepsy or mental health problems.

3.) Hormonal birth control pills

4.) Uncontrolled Diabetes

5.) Thyroid dysfunction – too much or too little thyroid hormone can also result into irregular periods

6.) Excessive Exercise

7.) Puberty or menopause

Here are some of the remedies you can try at home get the cycle back on track.

1.) Keep a check on your weight, maintain a healthy weight. Underweight or overweight can cause irregular periods.

2.) Eat a pineapple. Pineapple contains bromelian, it contains an enzyme that is claimed to soften the lining of the uterus that can regulate periods. This enzyme may also help to relieve cramps and body ache during periods.

3.) Yoga is the best way to treat irregular periods. 35 to 40 minutes of yoga daily can help you to regulate hormones and maintain a regular periods cycle. It will also help in reducing premenstrual symptoms.

4.) Ginger helps in regulating menstrual flow, having a spoon of ginger juice is said to be the nest home remedy to regulate periods. Mix the ginger juice with water or honey and have it thrice in a day.

5.) Diet, exercise and weight should always be in control in order to maintain regular menstrual cycle.

6.) Meet the doctor if haven’t had periods for at least three months at a stretch, also check with the doctor if periods last more than a week.

Some of these home remedies and lifestyle changes will ensure that the menstrual cycle is back on track.